Monday, 27 August 2012

Negotiations with the wife!!!!

Negotiations with the wife and daughter are now complete, and have just doubled the cost of the trip!!!!! The only change is we may have to leave a week earlier, and I am going to have to sell a kidney, which is now on ebay if anyone needs one?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The rules of the road

After spending a week now in Marrakech city, the atlas mountains and the coast I have put together the ultimate driving guide for our trip next year!!

Before you start reading you must forget everything you have already learned about driving.

1. You will find at various street corners and crossings, colourful decoration on poles, they change from red to amber and green. Please ignore these they are just for decoration and if someone stops when they are red make your you beep your appreciation with your horn as much as possible.

2. There are various roads in and around morocco, they look just like ours in England with white lines down the middle, again don't be fooled! The rules are as follows, if it's a single cartridge way two way road you fill all lanes going one way, the cars going the other way will again beep there appreciation and shout with support, the main thing to remember is to get as many card as you can, 2 lanes = 4 to 5 cars, 4 lanes = 10 to 12 cars and so on.

Motorbikes have there own rules:-

1. Only ever ride with one hand, the other should hold a phone

2. You must never wear a helmet, ever.

3. The road, lights and paths are all fair game, and if you cannot fit on them, try the grass or narrow souks.

4. If you put your headlights on at night you will be arrested.

5. You must never ever carry more than 4 people, unless they are children and then you can have 6!

6. If you can not carry everything you need on the bike, then get one of the pillions to hold a trailer behind you.

Now when on mountain or main roads make sure you drive on any side of the road, if someone comes the other way just beep and wave your hands a lot to let the other driver know your happy.

Don't worry if the road has fallen away and don't show your a tourist by slowing down!

The most important thing to remember is everyone has right of way.

I hope the above will help us through!!