Saturday, 22 December 2012

The most expensive tank bag in the world!!

As it seemed cheaper to get my new Giant loop tank bag delivered to a Freind in the states, I thought it was a great idea!

But now having taken into account the flight, hotel, car hire, and food and drink all needed to collect it, I think it may well be the most expensive tank bag ever. No complete calculation yet.

Any am please as pinch with it, small yet perfectly formed, strong yet light and apprantley fully water proof without the need for a cover.( that will be tested soon)

Anyway a picture for you all.

Managed to get to a massive camping shop as well today, not enough time to buy but heading back there later next week and have my eyes on a number of things!!! Update separately!!!

Anyway back to my beer and sea world now, non stop!!!

It's a tough job!!

While my Freind is trying as hard as he can to copy me, I am yet again working hard.

I have has to fly to Florida to practice some sand driving, Daytona beach and in a 4 x 4, but sand driving all the same. I have also had to spend some time lying by the pool topping up my tan so as not to burn.

Just off to look at camping shops and motorbike outlook stores to finish buying equipment.

The hardship never ends.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Bike i am taking!!!!

So here it is........
Yes a Yamaha Tenere 660.
I collected the Tenere 660 last weekend (suffering from a severe hangover) , and have finally had my first proper look at it today. Plenty of Touratech protection items , HID and fog light , Headlight protector , wide footrests etc.

Ordered Kriga Adventure 60 packs for both mine and Justins bikes and these have arrived complete with Fuel and Water cannisters. Not fitted yet so pictures to follow. Ordered single Titanium exhaust , so beginning to sort things out now as only 4 months until we are off! Cant Wait Now!

The Bike i Could Have Taken!

This is the bike i could have taken ......but for one reson or another i have decided to leave this at home and take...............(see next post!!!!!!!!!)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Decision Finally Made

I have finally decided on my bike to take to Morocco.
2011 Tenere 660
Collecting this weekend .
At last I have made a decision !
Justin will be happy!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Did it!

Oh my god that was tough, bottled the 1st one half way up, but then strapped a pair on and did 2 others!

Great fun but the xt is not the best bike for pure off roading, but coped with the very wet mud, tree stumps and ruts as good as it could as well as being good on the road.

Day to test the bike on all services 1!! 120 miles of A roads, B roads and motorway along with 2 1/2 green lanes, good overall practice but absolutely knacked!!!

Just the shopping to do and daughter to pick up now!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

No protection!!

It's time to see if my bike is any good off road!!

No protection bought as yet, but maps printed and agenda planed for off road riding tomorrow. Green laning tomorrow, but looking at websites my bikes to big and too high and there's to much power!! Think what they would say about a KTM 990!!'

Just for the record it has rained a little, and might be a bit wet!! And a bit slippery.

Asked ian if he fancied trying his bike off road, he said "yes I think I might decide in my bike soon, although I would not want to drop my KTM!!!

If I am brave enough I will post some pics!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hotel booked

Booked the hotel the night before we go to save the really early start, it might even give us the opportunity to top up on beer before we head of for the Muslim countries!!

More money ian owes me!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

And my final decision is.....

Well it's been an extremely difficult decision as to what bike to take to Morocco in 2013 . On the one hand I own the beautiful and more than capable KTM990R , so much going for it with one exception being the height for when I'm doing some of the rocky trails .
The alternative which I have been seriously considering is to purchase a KTM 690 enduro as this is perfect in so many ways ie 50kg lighter and especially suited to riding in morocco ,however the 990 would be better for the ride from the uk and back again !
So theirs the dilemma !
The decision I have come to is.........
Well if anyone is following this blog your help via comments would be appreciated!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

6 Months Today

Very exciting, this time in 6 months and we will be very nervous and hopefully ready for the off!!!

That's is of course subject to Ian making a decision!! but I have heard rumours that he is considering making a decision some time in the next year or so, but does not want to be rushed.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy Sundays!!

Spent a hour or so cleaning the bike, not sure its been cleaned properly from new, still a few more hours to spend which is mainly down to my OCD!!!

I know some of you would say what's the point as its going to get caked in mud, sand and shxt but it helps me get to know the bike.

Also removed the standard exhaust in preparation for the new arrival on Tuesday!!

Also got approval from my girls, took Jacqueline out for a couple of hours last night and she loved it, very hard to ride it smooth though!!! She must of head butted me at least a dozen times.

Now you might not think my wife's comments are approval, but "it's not as ugly as I thought" is most definitely a positive!!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

The sweet sound!!!!

The sound issue has been dealt with a brand new pair of Leo Vince slip on's coming on Tuesday!! Should also give me a few more bhp.

Saw ian today as well and there is some good news???????

He is still 75% ish maybe certain that he is taken the KTM!!

Must also mention the manager of infinity Motocycles of farnborough who looked after me very well on clothing. Great shop and worth a visit

Pipes on next week and maybe a couple of pic's.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Brain in overdrive

Ok trying to watch mrs Biggs and all I can think about is what else needs to be done!!!

So in my analytical mind (which is in hypo drive) is logo and t- shirts and logo design which is the next project'

Note to self, must sleep tonight!!

Sorry, picture of the bike!!

A truly amazing day

For 2 reasons

1. Ian has learnt to work the blog.
2. Ian has committed to the whole bike thing, and at least he is only 25% uncertain of what to take (today anyway)!!!

On a more mundane note, I have kitted myself out in some rukka goretex kit, dainesse goretex boats and some goretex gloves oh and picked up my bike.

Bike is great, light, nimble and with a bit if grunt, needs some bits to protect it, and more noise!!!!

The most amazing thing after the Ducati is after 120 miles there's still 2/3 of a tank of fuel left!!! Bloody amazing.

Anyway happy day for me and nearly decisive day for ian, he thinks!!

Decisions, Descions, Descisions

Justins so right. I really am struggling to decide what bike to take. On the one hand i have my beautiful and extremely capable KTM 990R which is a fantastic bike , on the other i fancy taking a smaller lighter bike (preferably a KTM 690R). But i will be compromising the fantastic road ability of the 990 for the equally fantastic off road abilities of the 690.
So much of the trip will be on road that 75% of me says take the 990 , but as i love off road riding i want to have fun off road in Morocco and i feel the 990 is just that little bit too big and heavy to enjoy off road. That said with the luggage i expect to be taking even the 690 will be heavy , but probably 40kg lighter to begin with. Its a difficult one, but one i need to decide on soon!
Whilst i ponder here is a picture of the current 990R , which will have a few mods done before taking it to Morocco if it becomes my final choice.

Today's the day

My beautiful Ducati goes today and I enter the world of old man riding!!!

May even spend a shed load of money on some all weather kit, which is handy as its going to piss down all day!!!

Just coming up to 6 months till of and ian has defiantly decided on what he is taking.......

And I can confirm........

Defiantly, without question it will be a......

Bike!!!! The more specific is still unknown!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Coming together

Booked the families holiday today, so all happy at home

Created a dozen eBay searches for the extra bits for the bike, which I should collect on Wednesday!!

Even made a decision on my riding gear, adjusted the departure clock for the week earlier, no stopping this train now.


Apart from ian forgetting how to blog!!! Now you don't just want to hear from me!!

Only 6 1/2 months to go and all coming together.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I've only gone and done it!!!!

The machine has been chosen and paid for. Now just for ian to make a final decision and publish a photo so there will be no more indecision!!!

Now just a stupid amount of money to get it ready. Just don't tell the wife!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

It's confirmed

Ferry booked for the 10th April 2013, a week earlier than planed due to negotiations with the family!

Serious stuff now, been trying all weather suites and agreeing kit and luggage. The next few updates should be all about the purchases!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Negotiations with the wife!!!!

Negotiations with the wife and daughter are now complete, and have just doubled the cost of the trip!!!!! The only change is we may have to leave a week earlier, and I am going to have to sell a kidney, which is now on ebay if anyone needs one?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The rules of the road

After spending a week now in Marrakech city, the atlas mountains and the coast I have put together the ultimate driving guide for our trip next year!!

Before you start reading you must forget everything you have already learned about driving.

1. You will find at various street corners and crossings, colourful decoration on poles, they change from red to amber and green. Please ignore these they are just for decoration and if someone stops when they are red make your you beep your appreciation with your horn as much as possible.

2. There are various roads in and around morocco, they look just like ours in England with white lines down the middle, again don't be fooled! The rules are as follows, if it's a single cartridge way two way road you fill all lanes going one way, the cars going the other way will again beep there appreciation and shout with support, the main thing to remember is to get as many card as you can, 2 lanes = 4 to 5 cars, 4 lanes = 10 to 12 cars and so on.

Motorbikes have there own rules:-

1. Only ever ride with one hand, the other should hold a phone

2. You must never wear a helmet, ever.

3. The road, lights and paths are all fair game, and if you cannot fit on them, try the grass or narrow souks.

4. If you put your headlights on at night you will be arrested.

5. You must never ever carry more than 4 people, unless they are children and then you can have 6!

6. If you can not carry everything you need on the bike, then get one of the pillions to hold a trailer behind you.

Now when on mountain or main roads make sure you drive on any side of the road, if someone comes the other way just beep and wave your hands a lot to let the other driver know your happy.

Don't worry if the road has fallen away and don't show your a tourist by slowing down!

The most important thing to remember is everyone has right of way.

I hope the above will help us through!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Back from the spanish test and my Ducati is on the market to fund the trip, sad days but I will get another one on my return!!!

Wet and lazy Sunday today so I thought I would do some research so I spent the morning surfing the web on the area, that's when you realise the challenge is not as simple as jumping on a bike a riding of with a few bits nd a phone!!

The risk on the trip get greater the further south you go (and that's the whole reason for the trip)

Apart from falling of and dying or getting stuck in the middle of the desert, I read about the kidnapping and ransoms, the civil war in Mali!! I even found my self studying a land mine map!! Must stay south of the railway in mauritania!!

That's not the only worry, stuff to buy and gifts to buy for border security and Mauritanian police!!

Anyway back in the real world, must finish the roast beef!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

1st Bike Test

Ok...... 1st  test ride, and Ian's favourite the KTM 690 Enduro. What a bike, a hooligan of a bike, loads or torque, great fun on the smaller roads, but 20 miles on the M25 yesterday (at a maximum of 65mph) and my bum hurt, so getting there's a problem with just over 1600 miles of motorways but when we hit the trails it will come into it's own....... next the XT660

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

1 year to go!

1 year seams a long time to wait .
However I am writing this exactly 1 year before we set off on our midlife crisis adventure......and I can't wait! However there is so much to do......so much to agree on .......so much to purchase ........!!!!!!! 1st stop .....what bike are we purchasing ??
Watch this space.