Saturday, 23 February 2013


With just over 6 weeks to go we have been very busy organizing things, hence the relative silence!

I will now try to update weekly before we go, and then for the people who wish to follow us, we will update each and every day subject to internet connection.

The bikes are nearly finished with the following:-

Sump guards, hand guards, general protection and luggage racks, I have inserted a gel pad under my seat to protect my bottom (Ian's is big enough apparently), Kreiga luggage, Autocom communication system (rewired at least 4 times, 2 long hard days), hard wired Sat Nav, hard wired power sockets, fuel and water cannisters.

We have finalised all the camping and cooking equipment, as well as emergency food.

Sorted tools to change tyres and make minor repairs if necessary as well as a certain amount of spare parts, break and clutch lever, clutch cable, oil and such like.

The electrical list seems to be growing with bike video camera as well as normal cameras and Ian's bought an I-pad for the desert??? should work well in the sand and water!

2 new helmets purchased and wired for Autocom, and all riding suites, boots and Klim desert riding gloves.

T-shirts are now on there way to the printers.

In the coming weeks we have the bikes being serviced along with new tyres, and a trial pack date.

I have to say I'm just about fed up with spending money and have given up reading forums especially with all the trouble out in west Africa at the moment, cant wait to just get on the bike and go and enjoy.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013