Sunday, 29 July 2012


Back from the spanish test and my Ducati is on the market to fund the trip, sad days but I will get another one on my return!!!

Wet and lazy Sunday today so I thought I would do some research so I spent the morning surfing the web on the area, that's when you realise the challenge is not as simple as jumping on a bike a riding of with a few bits nd a phone!!

The risk on the trip get greater the further south you go (and that's the whole reason for the trip)

Apart from falling of and dying or getting stuck in the middle of the desert, I read about the kidnapping and ransoms, the civil war in Mali!! I even found my self studying a land mine map!! Must stay south of the railway in mauritania!!

That's not the only worry, stuff to buy and gifts to buy for border security and Mauritanian police!!

Anyway back in the real world, must finish the roast beef!!

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