Saturday, 9 March 2013

1 Month and 1 hour to Go!!!

With only one month to go today, things are getting exciting and scary!!!

I have now managed to break my Autocom, which although one of the best systems on the market it is proven to be a bitch to wire in to the helmet comfortably!!!, wires have broken of the speakers and the head set is now in the bin!!  I have ordered a new one which I hope to wire this weekend, if that does not work it is going in the bin!

Had the bikes service last week and now have knobbly tyres, not great for going round corners when you haven't ridden on them before, 1st roundabout and I nearly went of road, my brain wanted the bike to go round, my lean angle seemed to want the bike to, but NO the bike only wanted to go straight.  Apparently its a different riding style which I have been practising, (push as opposed to lean)

Apart from that it's just waiting now, trial pack and bike load in a couple of weeks and then ready for the off! 18 months of planing, reading, buying and worrying and now just waiting and waiting.  Apart from a couple of days cleaning the bike so it looks fantastic the day we go.

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