Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Decisions, Descions, Descisions

Justins so right. I really am struggling to decide what bike to take. On the one hand i have my beautiful and extremely capable KTM 990R which is a fantastic bike , on the other i fancy taking a smaller lighter bike (preferably a KTM 690R). But i will be compromising the fantastic road ability of the 990 for the equally fantastic off road abilities of the 690.
So much of the trip will be on road that 75% of me says take the 990 , but as i love off road riding i want to have fun off road in Morocco and i feel the 990 is just that little bit too big and heavy to enjoy off road. That said with the luggage i expect to be taking even the 690 will be heavy , but probably 40kg lighter to begin with. Its a difficult one, but one i need to decide on soon!
Whilst i ponder here is a picture of the current 990R , which will have a few mods done before taking it to Morocco if it becomes my final choice.

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