Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 23, today we have been practicing our Spanish............dos cervezas por favour!!!!

After we had a well earned lye in and a good breakfast, it was time for some bike maintenance, so down to the underground garage to give the girls some loving and some fooling around!

We tightened Ian's chain, and then loosened it and then tightened it a bit more before we loosened it back to the original position, we left Justin's alone, we degreased and de sanded both chains before coating them in some fresh grease. They also took a lot of oil, we have nearly used 2 litres of oil between us on this trip!!

This all took a couple of hours which made it cervezas o'clock and time to sit by the pool and for ian to make like a lobster while justin went a further golden brown!!

Once the redness got to much for ian we walked along the beach to find a beautiful town that we failed to find yesterday, we are good navigators!!! Nerja is beautiful with quaint shops hidden coves and plenty of places to practice our Spanish. While walking down the beach Justin turned round to find ian gone, so he re traced his steps to find ian chatting away to whom he thought was Justin!

While we were out we bought a local area map and started planing our way across the mountains tomorrow with as little road as possible.

After returning to the hotel for a little more Spanish practice we made like the Spanish and had a siesta!! Then back in to town to find another area we had not found on our pervious 2 excursions, this time we were sure we had found the town centre! The place was full of Spanish family's watching Barcelona get thrashed and having a good time.

We enjoyed probably the best meal we have had to date and a glass of wine or 2 before a wonder and back home for a early night! 1 am

The card enjoyed some paragliding today at great expense!!

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