Sunday, 5 May 2013

DAY 26 . Not Justin's Day!

Good Morning !
A late start after waiting for breakfast which didn't start until 10am ! Really worth the wait for a coffee and bread and marmalade ........but we did and off we set at 11am .
Great start , fantastic views and roads as we head North to Zaragoza our chosen destination .We knew it would be a long day but decided we prefer this than Madrid as we could then spend 2 nights here and give ourselves an easier journey to Bilbao on Monday (even though we still have not booked our return ferry for Tuesday yet!!)

Ian was leading and all was going well . Justin decided to take the lead .......suddenly he advised he wanted to turn off the road we were taking and head East ,,,,,,,a strange Descision as we should be going North , but despite Ian's SAT NAV screaming at him every 2 mins to make a U turn we decided to follow Justin's route for a little while .After 15 miles we decided tohave a little chat !!! On checking it appeared that Justin's Nav wanted to go sunbathing on the East Coast by the sea which despite sounding like a good idea , it really wasn't as we might never have come home and we really should be heading Inland ,North,

A fuel stop was made where Ian Made friends with yet another bird !

So a U turn was made and off we set on the most glorious roads north with lots of fast twisties and yet more mountains and yes even Snow on the summits

Eventually we left the mountains and dropped down into the Aragon valley . Yet another error by Justin as he had just stopped to put his Jumper on as he was cold!! Big mistake again as the Aragon Valley was roasting!

Yet more twisties and a great road , red rock everywhere .

Eventually we hit a Motorway which was long ,straight ,empty and boring but it had to be done . A stop for food and coffee was made . Ian's mistake was asking Justin for a coffee and a cake . Out he came with Coffee , bread, potatos Bravos covered in mayonnaise and a chilli sauce , and a local sausage on bread !!!(funny looking cake)!! My god the sauce was hot and set Ian off in search of indigestion tablets!!!

Whilst at the service station Ian suggested we set the Nav to a hotel of choice in Zaragoza as we were now within 100km of our ideal base ? After narrowing it down to 3 good hotels Ian suggested we plug the address in to the sat nav, but justin new better (again) we set off on the empty boring motorway (something we had not done for 3weeks )and kept ourselves awake by counting camper vans which we got a high count of 2. !!! As we entered the city with all its tragic lights, cars, busses and trams Justin thought this would be a good time to stop. in a bus stop and enter our destination in the nav. The only problem was we could not find the address and when we did it was not recognised by the nav, 7 busses later Justin had it pugged in to his I-phone in his tank bag and heading of in to the city and apparently it's quite hard to read a small iPhone map while ridding a bike and trying to to be hit by a varsity of motorised vehicles!!!

We are camped out in a little 5 star hotel which we thought was in the City centre , but after checking in and making our way to the room at which point both our draws dropped open, although the room and view was great that wasn't the reason, it was fact that it had an open plan bathroom and a toilet with a glass door which is not ideal when 2 men are sharing a room. and then Justin committed another little error ( locking the room safe with Ian's passport in ,but not setting the code ,resulting in him being escorted back to the room by the receptionist , security and maintenance engineer to crack the safe code and re set , to which he was asked if he actually knew how to set the safe code!), we found we were very near the City Centre ........40 minutes walk .........which is apparently Ian's fault for wanting a pool .........which is normally Justin's request even though he never uses it!

A visit to City was made on the Tram. But only after purchasing the ticket which is a simple Job .....push button ,enter money ,pick out ticket .But again Justin took control and pushed the wrong button . .........this button summoned assistance ........with a constant ringing and then a little Spanish voice after 5 minutes demanding to know what we wanted ......by this time we had our tickets and were getting on the Tram very Quickly!

We ate Tapas and Rioja in a locally recommended square which was fantastic .The City centre is highly recommended as the architecture and ambiance was superb.

A day off tomorrow to explore the City a little more , although we will also be finding a little bar to watch the Jerez Moto GP which at one point we were going to watch , but took the wrong turn!!!!!!

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