Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 28, No more north!!

Another slow start this morning again due to the alcoholic water in Spain!!!!

We have spent the day on a variety of roads to make it to Bilbao, again including some fantastic climbs and bends and very little motorway ,thanks to Ians route .one small moment occurred when we were separated today for the first time in Bilbao, due to the navs falling out again and us both being not quite knowing which way the other was going to go, it was a little comedy sketch on the road, Ian went right, Justin went left...... So Justin went right and ian went left, etc until we ran out of road and ian finally went right and Justin went left. This was not a problem as we had radio contact and agreed Ian would sit on the motorway while Justin found his way back on, luckily Justin had an off road bike, so after a car park, small bridge, footpath with man on a bench and some grass we were reunited.
Great isn't it we travel thousands of miles , stick together all the time and when we are 5 minutes from the port we get split up !!!Do you think the other person was trying to tell each other something ????

We are both puzzled now by how we can ride so many miles over every kind of terrain without any aces or pains, but sleeping in a 5 star hotel and we both wake up with shoulder and arm issues.

We have checked in to the ibis hotel city centre Bilbao, the room is adequate ,although Justin is getting used to sleeping on what looks like a park bench ,but it suits him in his tramp like appearance(and smell). we have been told that the centre is a 20 min walk away??? We were also told not to walk down 2 streets, the ones to get to the old town as these were dangerous and as the lady on reception described it a little like morocco!! We don't think she likes Morrocans! We had to make a large by pass to get to the old town safely!!!

So after some wife shopping, we headed to the old town for a couple of beers and diner, after a nice bottle of wine, this gave us a little bravado. So we headed for the dangerous roads, or little morocco, and believe it or not it was just like a Moroccan town, small shops, lots of people hanging around and lots of shouting, instead of being worried we felt at home and Justin had the colour of the locals so fitted in, Ian did not as much but could speak there lingo !!

Bilbao has been has been a pleasant surprise as some of it is quite nice !!!

The card has refused to come out of the bag as it is scared and has promised a final appearance tomorrow night, somewhere special!!

Tomorrow night we will compose our final blog, with a review of our kit including how good our camping gear was as well as of our best bits and best photos.

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