Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 25, we found the best track and the worst sign!!!

Another slow start this morning which we have put down to the water in the region, not the beer, wine or JD!

We were on the road by 10 ish and a planed 40 km down the motorway to find the next mountain range and we passed hundreds of bikes heading the other way to Jerez and we wondered whether we had made the wrong decision not to go to the GP race of Spain?? But we turned of the motorway to discover we had not, as we progressed down a little B road we came across a huge lake surrounded by rocks that look straight from the Nevada in the USA but but better than that they were also reflected in the lake. See artistic pictures.

After crossing the plane, we headed up the side of the mountain to find our track and the road up was so beautiful the track was going to be spectacular! We navigated to the start of the track without issue and stopped for a moment and a fag, before heading up across the top of the mountain and all was good,until.........

Ian spotted the sign, the sign that made Justin nearly get his dummy out, no motorbikes and no quads. We discussed the possibilities and consequences for about 10 minutes and decided to respect the law, we also found another way on to the trail a few, or about 50 km down the road, so off we set seeing more great roads and some beautiful villages including a little village with a 1 in 3 incline which is fine if your feet can touch the floor not so great if they can't ( poor Ian) we stopped for lunch in the sun and then carried on to find the track'

To access the track we had to ride for 12 km up the side of a mountain through olive groves which was very pretty until you reach the trail and then there was the sign again, the Spanish authority, the walkers and everyone else that hates bikers had got together and refused them access!!!!! No problem if you have a ford escort or a lorry or even a coach, but not a motorbike. No motorbikes none at all, not even a little one, no, no ,no and definitely no!! This was as close as Justin had come to having a rage, except the sand incident!! And Justin was mighty quiet on the way down!

So we hit the road and not just any road, but a road that once we had climbed and descended a 1000 metered in no more than a few km then followed the river to another beautiful lake. At the start of this road was many a great village and fantastic hotel with views of the river, lake and mountains, but we weren't worried as it was only 3 o'clock and there was another 50 km of river and lake roads to go, and there would be a load more places to stay!!!

We are now about 100km from the lake as there was no more hotels and no more villages, although purely by chance we have found the village of alcazas and a little rural hotel. We have spent the night eating tapas from the owner choice and a little tinto and some beer and brandy but no local water as that makes you ill!'

The card tonight is combining some TV watching whilst wearing Ian's pants, nice!!!

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