Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 27 A day of nearly's

It was due to be a tourist type day, Justin had seen hire bikes, like the ones in London on his way home the night before and had decided that we would hire them and go for a push bike ride around the city. Excited like a little child Justin dragged Ian out of bed and we hurried over there for 11 am, the machine said swipe your card and enter your pin, but there was no where to swipe your card, then a helpful Spanish man came up and with a smile on his face and shooing his head. Not deterred Justin walked Ian back to the hotel and asked at reception wherevhe was told these were just for the local people, 1st nearly.

So off we went for a 40 minute walk in to town, when Ian had a great idea, on his way home last night he remembered the tram sign saying there would be delays today due to the football, and as the stadium was just round the corner Ian this time dragged Justin off all excited.

On route to the stadium we checked out Zaragoza FC and they were playing at 5.00 today and the were in the Spanish premier league playing Real Vallencao. Ian was now very excited, but doubtful we would get a ticket, but we found the ticket window and as luck would have it they had a few seats left for 50 euros a seat. We then discussed for a while until Justin left the decision in Ian lap, In the end we walked off to town with no tickets, 2nd nearly.

Once in town we spent the next half an hour looking for a bar that was showing the GP, but they only had signs for football. We had not given up but needed some fluids and a re-think so we sat outside a bar and had a beer, it was then decided that it was only 12.30 and we needed some food and would then think again, but before we went for food Ian needed the little boys room, 30 seconds later he came running out with a smile of his face beckoning Justin inside, confused but compliant Justin follows ian in to find the Moto 2 on the TV thank god Ian has a week bladder or we would of never known, 3rd nearly.

So off we went for a great tapas meal and a bottle of wine before the start of the race and then headed back to the bar for a couples of beers and the race.

Once the race was over and we could consume no more beer we decided we should practice the Spanish art of a siesta, and headed back to the tram, we bought our tickets and waited for the tram, not thinking about the time, which was 1 hour before kick off and our hotel was just round the corner. So we played sardines on the tram for 20 minutes, it was so busy we could not even validate our tickets!

When we got off at the stadium, we enjoyed a little beer and the atmosphere while watching the away fans being frisked and escorted in a few at a time by the riot police.

Back at the hotel and a swim and a little nap later, we headed back in to the centre via the tram again, but there was no need to by a new ticket as we had the one from earlier that had not been used, had it??? So after a little wait we hopped on to a fairly busy tram and pressed our tickets against the validating machine at which point it made a loud reject noise and flashed red, we tried again but no joy. Unfortunately the tram was already on the move and everyone around us was starting to stare!!! So yet again we had 2 choices??

1. Get off at the next stop and buy another ticket, wait 20 mins for the next tram and then get back on the next train and validate.


2. Stay on the train with people staring at us and hope all would be well!

We decided to stay on, as we had paid for the ticket and hope for the best, as we stood there for what seemed like an age. We noticed a lot of signs about ticket validation and cameras and fines and although it was a warm evening it was not hot, but Ian was starting to sweat. As we got of the tram at our desired stop and looked around, a police car came round the corner with it lights on and sirens blaring..........

But thankfully carried on, 4th nearly.

The rest of the evening went without hitch as we wandered round the city and took some time to look at the Basilica, a new word for Justins vocabulary which he is enjoying practising which is the most impressive church we have both ever seem, but no photos!!

The card has been enjoying the city with some coffee stops on route!

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