Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 15 We joined the Libya rally!!

After yesterday's success in the desert (and yes we have found beer) we have joined the Libya rally in Zagora, see www.touareg-trail.be.

After a relaxing morning and unfortunately a wash of the bikes to assess the damage from yesterday and a serious amount of servicing all was good, but only after Ian claimed the washing man lost his clip for his tank bag and Justin, yes Justin not ian had his hand and arm down the drain fishing around for the clip, which was in the room all along!!!

We paid our bill and set of on the roads towards either Zagora or ourazazate, this was the first time in over 2 weeks that we had no destination and no time scale to get there and it was a great feeling. The scenery was out of this world with mountains, rock formations and oasis's which consisted of a 40 km stretch of palm trees in the valley du draa, after a long lunch of kebabs and a omelette for ian we decided that Zagora was the final destination as we would try some more trails to Ta-Ta tomorrow.

So sat nav set on hotels and enter Zagora we did, with Mohamed following Ian on his moped trying to direct him to his hotel or a game of poker (honest) while fitting the traffic in the biggest town we have entered so far, but ian decided to dispose of Mohamed on a roundabout, literally. We got very excited when the nav showed the hotel Palmarie just up the road and we saw a magnificent building ahead and we agreed that it was worth asking for a room rate, unfortunately (again) this was the local government building and the hotel Palmarie was a dark and dinger bedsit on the right! We carried on to the next on the list and as I came over the hill I could already hear Ian getting excited, as in the car park of the hotel Ksar was the Libya rally entourage, we pulled in past the police guard and though it was worth asking for a price and for £60 for the room with diner and breakfast there were no options this time.

Whist Justin was checking in, Ian was approached by a Yamaha mechanic to enquire if the bikes needed a service before tomorrow's stage, this got ian thinking, and as typing this now on our 4 th beer we think it would be a great part of the adventure to join the rally tomorrow??? Maybe for just 1 stage!!

The card has taken some time in the pits and has decided to run off with a very good sand driver in a bugged, he is also French and good looking.

Join us tomorrow to find out what happens!

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