Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 20, Heading north, Essaouira to Rabat

Before we start today we must just admit that we finally found the real Moroccan food last night, we had burger and chips from a local kebab house and it was fantastic!

After a hearty breakfast and another time change we set of at 10.30 to the local garage to fill Ian's front tire with air!!

We then hit the B road north along some very scenic routes, but very windy and cold and we even saw our first spots of rain. Mainly B roads to start the day as there was not much else except a small gravel diversion through a village, that had obviously not seen a tourist in a long time, we even managed to find grass for the first time in a while.

We saw many speed checks and security checks today although flew through them all without issues or stopping.

Quick fuel stop and then the peage I'm afraid, we passed Casablanca as we thought this could be problematic and headed sea bound after Casablanca, with the most apartments and golf resorts we have seen for a while, but no hotels!,

We are now about 25 km from rebat and believe the king is at his country home a couple of km away due to the army and police presence around his house.

The hotel is a Kasbah with a pool and fantastic views of the sea and the breaking waves, we decided but actually had no choice in eating here, but Ian could not see the menus so the cashier offered him his glasses, see picture!! Justin is eaten fish soup followed by fillet of steak, not even the cashier knows what Ian is eaten!! The glasses are a better look than Ian's, as he lost a screw in the arm when we first left and has since looked like Jack Duckworth!!!!

Tomorrow ian is looking forward to meeting his friends at customs for round 2!!

The card has joined us for diner, a glass of wine and a beer!,,


  1. looks like a fantastic time guys, cant wait to here the un publishable blogs

    Unless of course you have made the pact that whatever happens in morocco stays in morocco

  2. Pact made .....hands shook!!!!!!