Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 8, dirty day!!!

To continue from yesterday's blog, the evening carried on with some pizza, some beer and ian buying some Berber music from a local man, the poor guy only wanted 20 dirhams for the CD ( about £1.80, probably just enough to get his family some food, but unfortunately Ian did not want them to all eat and started negotiating!!

After another good nights sleep, helped by a beer and some local music, and a hearty breakfast I reminded ian to give sam a call, we then set about trying to work out the time again.

So we put our clocks back by 2 hours yesterday, which meant it we were 3 hours behind the uk, didn't it??? but i the realised I had, had a text this morning at about 7.30 local time which meant it must of been 4.30 in the morning in the UK, and Mr Levett would not be up that early, so this is the embarrassing bit, i had to text him and ask him what the time was there, Im sure you can work out the rest, as we are still struggling and questioning the time every day, but we think you are 1 hour ahead?

We set off at around 10am for what was supposed to be an easy 150 km on road before we headed for the trails.

We set of south in about 25 degrees of heat through some beautiful roads, until Justin found a trail, not on the map, not on the plan, I know I'm changing, the trail seemed to go through about 10 Berber encampments all with about 100 sheep each. We obviously slowed down when they were in the track and got some very friendly waves which was reassuring. After about 10 km we cam to a cross roads and had no idea where we were or where we were going( if there was 3 options we could of picked the middle one) but we went right for about another 6 km and found a road. And headed of for petrol after filling up, we sat and contemplated about the trail and as I sat next to my bike i saw what I thought was a very rusty bit on the bike, but as a felt it and pulled it out it turned out to be a 15 inch piece of metal, lucky day today"

After a very friendly family chatted to us about the bikes and life for a bit, we set of for Midelt, that was until ian this time saw another trail that went up the side of a mountain, we were already at over 2000 meters high. So we set off and found probably the most idyllic spot in the world, on top of a mountain surrounded by cedar trees with no sound around. So nothing else for it than to fire up the stove and make a soup, I got the job of syphoning the petrol from the tank!!

I was certainly glad of some off road riding today to confirm I could do it, which might sound a bit strange, but I have not really done any in my life. So I am happy tonight after some 20 km of of road on medium trail going both up and down hills, some nasty ruts and some very wet mud. I had a few hairy moments and had to take a couple of minutes out after nearly binning it, Ian has ridden a fair bit off road and it all came flooding back, the bikes were great and handled it like a dream .......great choice those Teneres .

After a nice break and a Little think about life we packed up and went to head off, as a donkey came running down the hill making the loudest e-or we have ever heard.

We made it all the way to Midelt and are now held up in a 0 star hotel in town with a large window looking in to the bathroom from the bedroom, which does not leave much of our dignity left! The guy did send the boy to buy some beers for us though, although they have to be drunk in the room. our bikes tucked away in a garage somewhere after some maintenance before the big 2/3 day trail tomorrow.

A walk in to the medina tonight for some food and some local ambiance before a early night and a early start, I haven't told ian that bit yet.


Ian tried his had at buying stock for the shop, but at £800 a rug, he just decided to put his prices up!

A couple of kebabs in the bus station and home to bed.

The card was on bathroom patrol!

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