Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day 5, feel the heat!!!

Cold nights sleep with the door open, temperature dropped to 4 degrees in the night, alarm went off at 7.30 and we managed to get up by 8.00. Quick breakfast and on the road all fairly dull as more motorway crunching all the way down to Algeciras for our final night in Europe.

Temperature was 7 degrees when we left and 28 degrees when we arrived and instead of shedding bits of bike today we shed clothing as as we went. Like good boys we also applied sun cream, must thank my wife for my sun team with shimmer effect, made me look really butch, I now glisten as I walk!!!

All tucked up on the outskirts of Algeciras with the biked parked as close into reception as we were allowed to take them. Security is very much on our minds now with all locks being secured and all luggage removed. We have also cable tied all our bags shut for the boat as things sometime are taken by the boat fairy!!!

There was a lot of chat between us as we got close as to whether to make the crossing tonight, we decided not to and glad we did as I have completely filled out Ian's vehicle import form wrong!!!

We have completed our chores tonight and I have washed our socks and t-shirt (which have been on since Tuesday) and re-packed our bags ready for the heat and desert!!

The card is now making it last appearance in Europe for a few weeks! Although is a little disappointed by the lack of balcony.

A little excited and a little nervous about tomorrow, but Africa here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

And the last picture is for my busines partner who gave me no grief for my trip, they even have Adams in Spain!!!

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  1. Glad all ok sounds good fun take good care in Africa thinking of you good luck