Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day 18 We are slumming it gain

After better start from Justin and a small breakfast for Ian we were on our way by 8.30 after Justin had checked out the best hotels in Essaouira!!!

So we had to find a specific road out of Taroudannt, via the one way system without sat nav, no mean feat when there are a hundred taxi divers and mopeds getting in your way, but we managed it and found the B road to Agadir. While map reading Justin found the incorrect turning north and we headed for Essaouira, however this was the wrong right that turned out to be the right, right up the mountain from 200 meters to 1600 meters in no time at all, via souk-el had -de-meniala. This road was amazing with all the world could offer, tight twisties, gravely, rock and land slides with 1000 meters drops and no barriers as well as a bulldozer clearing a way for us it was to die for. We were in little mountain villages and children greeted us in awe, as if were flying spaceships but waving all the time, the dogs chased us and the goats run from us as well as the lizards bathing in the middle of the road! After 2 hours we had reached the top and returned to the bottom on the other side where we found the first running river of our trip in Argana. The river bed was beautiful with colour, fourna, running water and only passable on a donkey, Ian decided to test the waterproofness of his boots, we think unsuccessfully, but we will never know as they had a further 4 hours to dry!!! We were however a little worried when 3 children turned up with catapults in hand, but they shook our hand and we made a hasty retreat!! We decided they were either a bad shot or they liked us.

After this we spent 40 km in the main road before we took yet another wrong left turn! And found probably the best road of our trip so far, this was like an English country lane with visibility and no traffic, along with washed out sections and jumps. This continued for about 80 km through villages with schools and waving children, donkeys and the usual markets and in town chaos!! We sped through the no populated sections and respected the villages except the van that nearly took ian out!!

We then joined the main road to Essaouira with many a police stop and goats in trees before we found this horrible little 5 star hotel overlooking the sea!

After again Justin doing the washing we headed of to the 1 st real madina of this trip, (and a visit to the barber for Ian) to see chickens being slaughtered and goats hanging everywhere. But we managed to find a nice restaurant and had a great meal with wine before returning to the bar for a beer and some live music.

Tomorrow is a day off before making our way out of Africa!

The card has been hanging out in a palm tree!!


  1. And now for the good news....two sets of camping gear FOR SALE...never been used!!!!! Adam

    1. Also for sale, 2 Yamaha Teneres mint condition, never ridden in the rain, taken off road or dropped!!!!

  2. wow, what an experience bro. the pics are amazing as are ur blogs. hope u have a picture memory! can't wait to read more! xx