Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 19 Justin awakes to find Ian with a bird in the room!!!!

A day off and a nice lay in until Justin is woken by Ian flapping with a bird in the corner of the room, a bird of the feathered variety had entered the room and Ian was trying to set it free!

After an exciting start the rest of the morning went without drama, a great breakfast and then a few hours by the pool trying to turn Ian pink, and it worked we now had a pink ian with his Daniel Craig's on (budgie smugglers). Then after spending the last two weeks searching morocco for a hotel with a pool, Justin yet agin refused to enter the pool as it was cold ( baby).

A wander in to the port for some sight seeing and there wer some sights to see in the fish market as well as some smells, we then enjoyed some fresh caught fished cooked on the bar-be in front of us. Then off to do some shopping for the girls and back to the room for Ian to have a sleep.

Unfortunately in the evening we took yet another wrong turn and ended up in Mexico Mr Clint Eastwood was there as well as a Mexican gringo, see pictures.

An early night tonight as yet again the clocks move in morocco tonight although we can't remember which way, so this is either good night or good morning!

The card spent most of the day on the sofa choosing her beauty treatments in the spar, as tomorrow is back to reality and no star or spar!

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