Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 7, The world according to ian after a good nights sleep!!

After waking at 9.00 am after nearly 11 hours sleep the world was a great place agin and everything seemed to be better, apart from my bed and existing stain on the sheet!!

After a great breakfast, all in for about £25, we loaded up with water and headed off, the road and vista was great. We had no idea where we were going to stop so just headed south, it was a nice cool start to the day and the riding was fantastic.

With no navigation issues today we covered 200 km which might not seem a lot but with the fog, goats, cows and sheep on the road it was a decent ride.

We have now arrived in Ifrane, a Moroccan ski resort at 1700 meters above see level, but still hot 25 degrees. And this place looks like a French ski resort, in every sense we are even staying in the Chamonix hotel, which I am sure was 3 stars 30 years ago.

Now for today's parallel universe, we arrived at 3pm, we unloaded the bikes, checked in, chilled out and showered, after chilling out we went out for a couple of beers before diner, but for some reason I checked my phone which showed 3.00pm which it could not be???

Morocco is the same time as Spain, isn't it??? We checked the local pharmacy time and that confirmed the time on my phone??? So we thought a beer was in order to work it out, found a bar with wi-fi and started checking time zones, it still made no sense , so we tried to ask the barman without looking stupid!! And he confirmed that.........

Morocco is 2 hours behind Spain????

So we are stupid!!!!(Thank god we found out today !!)

Still not convinced, so for the records this is being written between 4.07 and 6.07??

The card made it out tonight and is enjoying some skiing!!


  1. Glad to see the T-shirts fit
    Looks like you're both having fun, ride safe

  2. Cheers Carl . T shirts creating a lot of attention .......so I have given your number to a few locals!!!!!!!

  3. ever the bloody joker, when are you back I need an urgent quote