Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 17 Are we in Morocco???

After a little bit of maintenance ( where most of the oil went on the floor), a late start today (11am ) from Tata . Destination unknown , we headed off towards Agadir direction.

It's Justin's turn to feel under the weather today ( stomach and bottom problems) , so off we set carefully !!!

Followed the Oued Tata North West we rode the most beautiful road uphill to Igherm for a coke and a rest for Justin .He would have used the toilet but he doesn't do holes in the ground types .......however a tree and a rock shortly afterwards were fine!!

The egg seller in the village was doing a roaring trade , just a little worried that the chickens in the back room can keep up with him !

Wow what a road , steep drops ,hairpins , rocks , greenery ......it was like a Swiss mountain Pass , and fast ( but maybe not so good if you don't feel good) , but heh , I had fun ! We had to question if we were still in Morocco it was that good !

The road continued in the same vain after our break and at approx 3 pm we called it a day in Taroudannt to give Justin longer to recover before we set off tomorrow for Essaouira for a couple of days .

As we have a quiet night indoors the card is glued to X Factor .

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