Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 2

A cold and early start this morning, 3.5 degrees and fogey, up at 6 and out at 8.30 (ian re-packed again)need to improve on our urgency for when we need to move.

40 miles down to Portsmouth, breakfast on the quay side and then on to our boat to Santander, although I (Justin) had booked a ferry to Bilbao, which slightly confused both of us!!

Anyway on boat and nice French man informed us that the boat would be "going much up and much down" which at 4.30 as I write this it is a little.

With 24 hours to spare we Chilled out with a couple of beers and re-worked our route through Spain taking in to account our new arrival port!!! We should arrive at 12.45 Spanish time and then crunch some miles south.

Day 2 pic of card complete!

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