Thursday, 11 April 2013

Day 3, Thursday 11th April

After a very rough crossing, which was helped by beer, we were unfortunately delayed due to someone being airlifted off the boat due to a medical emergency. Instead of arriving at 12.45 European time we arrived at 2.30, to the worst rain I have seen in ages!!!

We headed down the motorway from Bilbao towards Madrid in the hope that the weather was going to improve, unfortunately it did not. 9 degrees and torrential rain for the best part of 2 hours made for cold hands. If I could have had any luxury item at that point it would of been some very big, warm and water proof gloves. Gave us a chance to test the kit was water proof, mine in the main was fine with the exception my riding suite now spreading black dye all over the north of Spain including a petrol station shop floor (not sure the lady was happy with my black dripping). Unfortunately for ian the 2 pockets on his jacket that held all his money were not very water proof so we are now surrounded by drying notes!!

But us being men, we carried on till 6, covering 177.7 km, sorry about the change but everything is now in km. we headed off the motorway to a town called Burgos and found the 1st hotel with parking, it just happened to be an AC by Marriott but only 4 stars

Burgos is the gastronomic capital of Spain for 2013 so we thought we had better try and have a great local meal, so for tea we had fried local black sausage with pickled peppers followed by veal stew for ian and veal steak for me followed by semolina pudding, and maybe a bottle of tinto.

Back at the hotel with a litre of San Miguel for £1.50.

A little bike maintenance in the morning as a couple of things have fallen off, and the chain needs oiling. Hope to get on the road by 9.30 and plan to do 400 km tomorrow, Spain will now take 3 days and not 2, so subject to no problems morocco on Sunday.

The card has now made its third appearance, although a little soggy on the corners! Day 3 challenge complete.


  1. Hello Ian! We are having a great time and Sam says she's being spoilt rotten. Hope everything is OK with you two and don't forget to update your blog, you lazy bugger!! Speak soon xx

    1. No time to update blog ...........too busy riding 1100 Kms to Algerciras!!

    2. That was 3 days ago ... just how slow are you riding?? : ) xx