Friday, 12 April 2013

Day 4, mile cruncher

Having had a great nights sleep, we awoke at 7.30 for a bit of maintenance and some breakfast, on the road by 9.30' (getting better) it was dry but cold 7 degrees.

Today was about going as far south as we could, without killing ourselves, we managed 528 km mostly dual carriage way and are now held up in a little 2 star hotel in a town called Merida (which we can vouch for the one way system, 4 times) about 120 km north of Seville. As the journey progressed the temperature continued to rise reaching a lovely 18 degrees on arrival.

And what a great town and busy, full of family's taking time out and enjoying a drink, we managed a nice Spanish meal in a local cafe and a couple of beers. 26 euros for both, 3 courses and a bottle of wine might stay here!!!

Now on this trip I was expecting to learn stuff about biking,off roading and maybe even myself, but to learn so early in the journey shocked me!!!, last night in the bathroom I discovered some hair volumising mouse next to Ian's wash bag??? I then spent the next 500 km trying to work out why he would have it? Answers on a post card please.

We have now managed to lose 2 items on the bike, I have lost my compass which was expertly fitted by myself, or possibly not, it i believe is somewhere on a Spanish road?? And ian has lost one of his stickers, which we don't think even made out of England?

Tomorrow is hopefully down to the port and then into morocco on Sunday, we will keep you updated.

The card tonight is catching some rays on our balcony!

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